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Strategy, Engagement, Illustration, Story 





Operating as Innovation and Creative Director with Free Range Studios we began by working with Greenpeace to rediscover their core essence and architect a more aspirational and inclusive brand more courageous and better equipped to step up to the challenges our world faces — extinction, hunger, water, resources, energy, and health — and the solutions that can overcome them. At Free Range we built a suite of tools including identity design, messaging guidelines, manifestos, websites, videos, memes, and rich art/infographics to name and claim the emerging stronger new voice of Greenpeace.

My first Detox project was “Detox Runway” strategically targeting fashion brands toxic production methods. Many millennials love their fashion brands and want to feel good about keeping the loyalty alive for their beloved brands. Millennials proved to not want their fashion brands producing just in the name of art and delight but also for being responsible stewards of our earth and life. A series of memes and stunts were created to call out the fashion brands whose products are hurting life. What we called the Santa strategy - those who are naughty will know and those who are nice will be rewarded, and the naughty ones can shift to nice by getting PR that money can’t buy if they change their practices. Millennials heard from their beloved celebs who joined the cause also wanting change in fashion shouting calls to action and millennials now could participate and help produce in wild creative stunts themselves and not have to watch Greenpeace do it alone.







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