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Working at Fahrenheit 212 producing and directing over 800 videos and developing countless innovations I was one day asked if I could make a painting for the company’s new lobby since it’s pretty tough to keep my illustration passion a secret. What started out as one painting turned into commissioning many.


From time to time I would have a little fun with clients that came for meetings by switching out the paintings mid meeting so that when they walked by a second time they would say “hey that was beauty queen when we walked in and now it’s a gorilla, am I seeing things?”


On slide 4 are two paintings where the characters react to their canvas and frames being aflame by the fire below (a little homage to Norman Rockwell). Since the painting hung right above a fireplace I wanted two cheeky pieces that looked like they were caught on fire… funny thing I actually got new frames and torched them and art for greater realism.

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