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Greenpeace and I wanted to tap into the most powerfully active and mindful demographic, mothers. Young mothers were more active and concerned than ever before about what products could affect the health of their children. Detox Little Monsters was an initiative to get mother’s in the know about what sort of children’s products and the toxins in them that are endangering their little ones and creating calls to action for mothers to create messaging for social media putting more pressure on the children’s product brands to change their ways.


What’s emerged from the deep collaboration is a brand platform that will change the way the world sees Greenpeace and how we all can contribute in more rewarding ways to creating a better world together. In a world where so many non-profits only shout the injustices with few clear long-term solutions


Greenpeace blazed new ground with a more inclusive optimistic and creative way to becoming the change we wish to see in the world. The Detox campaign has already made the great change in detoxifying products and brands with the likes of Adidas, Burberry, and more committed publicly to changing their ways and receiving that wild PR praise for doing good for the planet and our health.


It was a blast for me to dust off my cartooning passion and support/launch this colorful campaign.


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