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“The Feels” series is an ongoing and growing collection created through the majestic lense of experiencing land, weather, and light but in fact the subjects you see are intended as symbolic moments to stretch our perceptions of life depicting a vast spectrum of the human condition. Each painting and poem is an emotional memento for many feelings like: hope, despair, anxiety, belonging, relief, melancholy, and more.  I use weather, flesh, and the land to speak to what it is to be a human being and to feel it all.


This series was a form of profound therapy to explore my deepest feelings during a time of great personal challenge and loss. “The Feels” is my demonstration for how I continue to walk through aches into greater aliveness.


Simply by viewing this, you have gained a dear friend with me on your journey into further aliveness.  “The Feels” has been forged with the grand intention to express , “right now you are growing and you belong.”

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